Q & A

Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the best flights to Roatan? Delta has two direct flights from Atlanta on Saturdays and one from Newark New Jersey. Continental has two direct flights from Houston on Saturdays. Taca Honduras Airline has flights from Miami on Sunday and Houston on Saturday. Continental and American Airlines fly to San Pedro Sula on the mainland and from there it is a short hop to the Island via a commuter aircraft.

What is The Best way to get around the Island? There is a lot to see and explore on Roatan. We suggest that you hire a vehicle from one of the following car rental companies. Caribbean Rent a car. http://www.caribbeanroatan.com/ http://www.avis.com/ the airport code is RTB. You can also visit www.TropicalRez.com and click on car rentals.

How do we find Seagrove Retreat? Upon leaving the Airport make a right turn on the paved road. Continue toward French Harbor for about 15 miles. As you pass French Harbor you may want to stop at Eldon’s Super Market (Make a right just before Bojangles) to buy your provisions. Continue along the paved road up the mountain. Keep a lookout for mile marker #39. Immediately after that make a right on a large gravel road and continue on that until you see a small wooden house on the right. Make an immediate right down the cement road and continue down until you see the first cement driveway on your right. Drive down to the Garage with the Green Roof. Our property manager Franklin (cell # 504 321 72049) will meet you at the airport. He will assist you with your luggage and escort you to Eldons where you can stock up on groceries etc. and then on to the house.

What Health Issues should we be concerned about? There are mosquitoes and other nuisance bugs. We suggest you use insect repellent when outside. Sun block will prevent sunburn. We use rain water from our cistern which is filtered. We do suggest that you use the drinking water provided in the dispenser for drinking and cooking. Tap is fine for brushing your teeth.

What should we bring with us? The temperature is generally between 75 and 90 degrees F. It is very casual and most people are in shorts and Island light weight clothes. Bring your snorkels and swim suit. Also, a hat and dark glasses. Good meat especially steak is hard to find. Each person can bring 5 lbs of frozen USDA approved meat with them. We suggest you bring your own snorkel flippers and goggles although we do have these available.

What else should we know? The currency is Lempira exchanged at USD 1 = LMP 19. Most places accept dollars and give you change in LMP. There is a $32.00 per person airport departure tax. Make sure you take enough cash in either currency to cover this. Most restaurant and entertainment establishments are required to add two taxes. These can add up to 15%. Tipping of 10% prior to the added taxes is acceptable. Always establish the price of wine before ordering as it can be expensive when eating out.